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Russian. Journalism?

On being written about by a State Department propagandist
I wasn't going to write this. Then reading Martin Cruz Smith's novel Tatiana, I had to. Moscow police detective Arkady Renko's investigation of crusading anti-corruption journalist Tatiana Petrovna leads him through familiar territory of gangsters, government corruption, and the contradictions of modern Russia.
But I do have a history with Russia which I wrote about here.
January 03, 2015
Russia still has a long way to go. So does China. It will still be a Russo-Chinese century. And watch Putin very carefully. He has a great power. I hope he will use it wisely.
Once, I wanted to be a journalist. There's this idealized notion of investigative journalism which I thought could make a difference to the world. From the Spanish Civil War to WWII to Vietnam there were so many writers whose words shaped my own thinking. I also saw the masters of discourse corrupting journalism for propaganda. Of course that's always been the case, with newspapers working with to shape public opinion. But at least there was a balance, with diverse opinions to choose from.

Now, you have the Orwellian nightmare, where people are taught to hate the other. Never mind. I could always choose alternative journalism, appreciating the many voices I came across, from Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, the good people at Counterpunch (maybe acting a bit like a gatekeeper lately) the Libertarians, the anti-war left and right all presenting their ideas for debate and discussion without abuse.

Which brings me to opposition Russian writer Yulia Latynina, shown here receiving the "Freedom Defenders Award"  from US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2008.

Disclosure: Ms. Latynina wrote about me later that year in an article on a Russian website Snob.Ru Аманда Нокс и правила большой лжи (Amanda Knox and the rule of The Big Lie)

Ну и, наконец, прокурор Миньини сумел убедить в своей фантазии если не миллионы, то сотни тысяч людей. Одна из поразительных вещей, о которых я не говорила доселе, — это гигантское количество интернет-фриков, бесчисленные сайты, обличающие «сатанистку» Аманду Нокс. Правда, «экспертами» на этих сайтах часто выступают домохозяйки, рекомендующиеся профессиональными экстрасенсами на службе ЦРУ, и среди них нет-нет да и блеснет ослепительным алмазом такой свидетель, как «Мессия Иисус Христос» с планеты Антлан.

Translation: (And, finally, Prosecutor Mignini managed to convince in his fantasy, if not millions, then hundreds of thousands of people. One of the striking things I have not mentioned before is the huge amount of Internet freaks, countless websites that denounce the "satanist" Amanda Knox. True, the "experts" on these sites are often housewives, recommended by professional psychics in the service of the CIA, and among them, no, no, and a brilliant diamond will flash such a witness as "Messiah Jesus Christ" from the planet Atlan.)
This writer used my spiritual views to smear many dedicated volunteers who worked for thousands and thousands of hours translating legal documents (housewives and psychics indeed!) to present the case against Amanda Knox in the murder of Meredith Kercher. She never met, never contacted me for comment, and her only source was Amanda Knox's own website. My work can be seen here at The Murder Of Meredith Kercher 

From the mission statement:
This wiki style site was created by a group of volunteer editors to inform the public about the case, by providing a unique collection of translations of original documents and evidence presented at trial. (I'm one of the editors, writing as Ergon).
Never mind. That was two years ago, and the case I'd worked on for a while is over. Be clear: if I hadn't been sickened by journalistic prostitutes since then working to create regime change in Libya, Syria, and yes, Russia, I wouldn't have written this. Interesting coinkydink: writer Alex K, a long time Amanda Knox supporter lives in Moscow and has written many pieces against Putin. Did he write Yulia's article for her? Too many details there that could only come from someone well informed about the  case.

Again, never mind. Going all the way back to Pakistani writers willing to take foreign government money to criticize the country, sigh.

But um, given current US hysteria about Russia, well, Yulia has history.

US State Department's Russian "Journalist"

US State Department leash overtly leads to yet more sedition in Russia.
by Tony Cartalucci
May 15, 2012
As chaos consumes Libya, with death squads roaming the fractured nation committing atrocities, torture, racist genocide, and mired in infighting, and with the violence in Syria now fully exposed as foreign terrorists organized, armed, directed, and staged since 2007 by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, one might think journalists today would be careful about invoking these "successes" while trying to sow destabilization elsewhere. But for Russian "journalist" Yulia Latynina, repeating US State Department talking points, no matter how hypocritical, no matter how oafishly in contradiction to reality, is just another day on the job.
(Photos above) Meet "independent journalist" Yulia Latynina, yet another facet of the Russian "opposition," carefully honed by the US State Department for years. This award ceremony took place in 2008.

During her award ceremony in Washington, she met with Daniel Fried, also of the US State Department, described as a "foreign policy hawk," and joined John McCain in calls to support and even arm Georgia in its growing conflict with Russia.

Photo: 2008, the same year Georgia and Russia's deadly conflict broke out, Yulia Latynina was in Washington D.C. shaking hands with Daniel Fried, one of many responsible for the US' arming of Georgian forces who would end up claiming the lives of scores of Russian soldiers and hundreds in South Ossetia. Despite what appears to be very overt treason, Latynina still enjoys undermining her own nation, at Echo Moscow in Russia, a radio station frequently defended and cited by the US State Department 
Yes, many brave anti-corruption journalists have been killed in Russia. I admire and support them, as I did Serena Shim, the US journalist killed in Turkey under mysterious circumstances for revealing arms were being smuggled to jihadi rebels and ISIS in NGO food trucks,  as I support jailed reporter Barrett Brown the journalist who exposed the role of private contractors in cyber security.

I would be concerned if Yulia actually was in danger from Putin. But she's seen as too much of a flake now. From a Russian website: Латынина (Latynina).
(Rather long translation showing she's a Mikhail Leontiev and Khodorovsky fan, but once they were removed she now engages in "reckless and very aggressive trolling" causing "emotional frenzy in the reading and listening audience" from her columns and radio show).
She has muted her criticism. In 2015 she wrote Russian military in Syria, MH17 report and Russia's 'Law on Extremism' that the Dutch Report on the MH17 shoot down 'absolved the Kremlin who could now break out the champagne'.

Turns out her main targets now are "Putin's cook" and assorted lesser lights who may or may not be crooks but certainly involved in non-lethal attacks. From when she was smeared with poo by two thugs in 2016 Daily Express then her home sprayed with a stink bomb this year. I doubt Putin was responsible, but regardless. She did applaud Georgian separatists leading to the killing of Russians in Ossetia in 2008. In Why Russia Needs Syria the New York Review of Books (in 2015) quotes her opposition to Putin's involvement in Syria as a way to shore his popularity at home and worries
"The Islamists, including ISIL, are operating in this war with much longer experience and more successfully than the Kremlin…The scandals over Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib will seem like kindergarten in comparison to what in a month the western media will be saying about Russian involvement in Syria.”
No, Putin serves Russia's interests in the region. Given the State Department's long use of public moneys to fund foreign journalists through the NED to promote their agenda, and Putin's popularity due to his success in Syria, I wonder whose interests Ms. Latynina serves? I invite her comment and response.

Edit: Getting to the end of Martin Cruz Smith's book, I see she's listed in the Acknowledgments, along with opposition paper Novaya Gazeta. What a funny coincidence, LOL.



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American Karma

I hate to say it, but will anyways
You ain't seen anything yet. From a blog 6 years ago:
August 24, 2011
So, if astrology is a karmic map, I can say the U.S. is in for some interesting times!
This is what I wrote shortly after the events of September 2001: "And if Earth Changes are required to bring about harmony, let them take place"
And: "This applies to all the people of the United States. You, and all your generations, are trapped inside a spiritual, emotional and karmic place, and never will be free until you heal the harm that was done in your name" 
Hurricane Harvey hit Texas August 25-26, 2017. It has caused catastrophic flooding but thankfully, not as bad as Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

I'm really tired of this. As I said in A Natural Life during Hurricane Sandy:
October 30, 2012

This time around I kept asking myself, what difference does it make? As I said last year with the unprecedented tornadoes, as I said after Hurricane Katrina, Haiti earthquake, UK floods, the Gulf  oil spill, and the Fukushima disaster, that there would be more, and worse, until humanity changed. Surely, people could change? Yet all I have had this year was reminders about how difficult it was for people to change. I told them, but all that happened was that I actually lost people I was trying to help.
Oh, well. I had a premonition then, and just as Donald Trump announced increased war in Afghanistan and the solar eclipse hit the US last week, I saw another disaster about to happen, and saw the flooding. This is your karma, and it isn't your direct fault, but you allowed it to happen.

What can you do? Read everything I wrote in the 275+ articles here (there are thousands more elsewhere) The greatest imperative is to find a spiritual balance and heal the earth.


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Spiritual Psychology

"You really think you're better than anyone else",
a psychologist told me. I was 16, and going for the entrance exam at Pakistan's Air Force Academy Risalpur. One test was to have a psychologist observe how each candidate lead a team through an obstacle course, followed up with questionnaires.
That was his observation. "No I don't", I replied, "my job was to lead them". Still, my first encounter with a psychologist, and it intrigued me. (I passed the exam BTW).

Maybe it was a test, to see how I'd react. Maybe he saw something I'd struggled with since I was a kid. Beyond normal feelings of alienation, yes I knew I was different. While I was a loner, I also was quite social, but in a neutral, friendly sort of way. And I observed, others and myself.

A phrenologist said when I was 11: "He looks at people and sees something others just can't".

I wanted to understand myself, and, the human condition. That's why I looked at them, but with different eyes than others. (I could see auras by then). Psychology was too limited for my way of thinking, so my studies took me elsewhere.

Yes, I eventually studied Freud, and Jung, Adler and Sabina Spielrein. About them, more later, and especially Sabina Spielrein, the Russian psychoanalyst who was one of the pioneers. Yet I found their insights actually mirrored what I learned through my spiritual work. Funny, that Sabina Spielrein and I both shared a Scorpio nature, and worked with The Destruction Of Self. (Which goes back to Buddhism, BTW, and the destruction of the ego). I do this through meditation, laying on of hands, balancing the male and female, going into the void,  and analysis.
I also learned the following occult subjects, astrology, palmistry, numerology and many more. Fascinated by the question of the death of self and what happens after we pass through the veil, I learned to talk to spirit. (I'd been seeing them since I was 5, in Tokyo). Again, knowledge from past lives, of Bardo and the Egyptian Book of the Dead, remembering the many times I had passed away. Many of my articles here are of a psychological bent, seen through the spiritual prism.
While I learned to be a healer I knew it would be important for me to learn about mental illness.
Fascinated by criminal psychology, I wrote about The Criminal Mind September 02, 2011.
I learned why I decided to focus on mental illness when three of my children were hit by Autism, and a fourth had a learning disorder. This became my life work, so that I treated hundreds of children at my clinics in Toronto and abroad, many successfully, with most showing remarkable improvement.
Here's my protocol: Not Incurable- New research on Autism December 11, 2007. In the end, it is not a cure. As I wrote:
I'm sharing this with you because Autism is not only a physical, but also is a karmic and spiritual illness. I've seen it as a metaphor for helplessness; when the world tells you that something is hopeless, I tell you, the answers are out there.
I tell you this, it is the world, not just these children, that is out of balance. Until the world is healed, it will be a never ending battle.

This comes back to my subject, Spiritual Psychology, and, the study of self and how we determine identity.

This the foundation of my work in psychology The 12 Chakra System of Healing
Naseer Ahmad
(based on a talk I gave in Toronto~1991)

An ancient method of healing rediscovered for the 21st century.

Atlan Spiritual Healing is an energy system that, by the placing of hands on parts of the body that correspond to the chakras and acupuncture meridians, heals the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of our being.

Before Atlantis, there was a way of life called The Way of Atlan. It explained the connection between our individual and divine selves, and how to address our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Much of the Way of Atlan has been lost, but fragments of it exist in the world’s religions and philosophies.
...(The Yellow Chakra) on the solar plexus, is our soul, ego and identity (and so on)...
Soul, ego, identity can be formed by the sum total of our memories, environment, childhood experience, inherited factors.

Except, what about the sum total of previous lifetime memories? Do they form us as well? That is why I examine previous lives and inherited factors, like individual but also national karma (hence my frequent digressions into 'politics' and interest in history).
Ancient Psychology:
History Of Brain Surgery 
"Brain surgery is perhaps the oldest of the practiced medical arts. There is no hard evidence suggesting a beginning to the practice of other fields of medicine such as pharmacology — using drugs, chemical and natural ingredients to help a fellow human being. There is ample evidence, however, of brain surgery, dating back to the Neolithic (late Stone Age) period. 
Unearthed remains of successful brain operations, as well as surgical implements, were found in France at one of Europe’s noted archeological digs.
The success rate was remarkable, even circa 7,000 B.C.
However, pre-historic evidence of brain surgery was not limited to Europe. Pre-Incan civilization used brain surgery as an extensive practice as early as 2,000 B.C. In Paracas, Peru, a desert strip south of Lima, archeologic evidence indicates that brain surgery was used extensively.  
Here, too, an inordinate success rate was noted as patients were restored to health. The treatment was used for mental illnesses, epilepsy, headaches, organic diseases, neuropathy treatment, osteomyelitis, and for head injuries. 
Brain surgery was also used for both spiritual and magical reasons; often, the practice was limited to kings, priests and the nobility". 
Ancient peoples and psychoactive plants 
(use of to create euphoria, help deal with stress, depression),
Prehistoric High Times: Early Humans Used Magic Mushrooms, Opium
and plants were used in healing ceremonies by people living in Mesoamerica,
A Beautiful Mind: The History of the Treatment of Mental Illness
the history of treating mental illnesses dates as far back as 5000 B.C.E. with the evidence of “trephined skulls.” 
In the ancient world cultures, a well-known belief was that mental illness was “the result of supernatural phenomena”; this included phenomena from “demonic possession” to “sorcery” and “the evil eye”. The most commonly believed cause, demonic possession, was treated by chipping a hole, or “trephine”, into the skull of the patient by which “the evil spirits would be released,” therefore healing the patient. 
Although ancient Persians also believed that the illnesses were caused by demons, they practiced precautionary measures such as personal hygiene and “purity of the mind and body” in order to “prevent and protect one from diseases”. 
Similarly, the Egyptians recommended that those stricken with mental illness should participate in “recreational activities” in order to relieve symptoms which displayed that, as a civilization, the Egyptians were very advanced in their treatment of mental handicaps. (Foerschner) 
During the 5th and 3rd centuries B.C.E., the Greeks changed the way that psychological disorders were viewed. The philosopher and physician, Hippocrates, discovered that illnesses come from “natural occurrences in the body” (Foerschner). 
As Hippocrates was studying mental illness, he stepped away from the superstitious beliefs and towards the medical aspect of it. He studied the pathology of the brain and suggested that mental illness stemmed from imbalances in the body. 
Yet at the same time there was and is a prevailing cultural belief that mental illness was a symptom of demonic possession. Tibetan, African shamanic healers all dealt with mental illness in a similar way: explaining the phenomenon through a therapeutic analytical process, ritual and ceremony, the use of psychotropic herbs. Even Jesus was said to cast demons out of people. Here's a modern clinician's attempt to bridge the divide:
Questions about demonic possession
Clinical experience in answering questions about demonic possession 
In daily practice in psychiatry in Egypt, various forms of mental illness are commonly attributed to magic spells or demonic possession. These illnesses are usually manifested by overt motor behavioural disturbances. Top of the list of these disorders are epilepsy and schizophrenia. Unusual ideas and actions found mythical explanations in witchcraft and demonic aetiology by patients and relatives in this traditional community.  
Symptoms that are typical of obsessions are intrusive, unacceptable thoughts which many patients attribute to a demonic agent known as the devil. It's not uncommon for patients and carers to enquire whether this is due to demons or supernatural agents known as jinn.  
The psychiatrist tries to find culturally acceptable answers to patients' questions about demonic and jinn possession. The basic essence in answering this questions can be summarised as doctors can adopt an empathic subjective (emic) approach to understand supernatural beliefs and attitudes within this culturally shared context (1). 
Spiritual Psychology:

Yet: I have found in my work that such phenomena do indeed exist, but it is best to try to explain it within a clinical scientific context. Mental illness does indeed 'stem from imbalances in the body.'

Yes, there are emotional disturbances that stem entirely from the environment, upbringing, trauma, which can effect brain function and cause chemical imbalance. Those imbalances can be felt and measured in the Psychic Chakras (From Greek word 'Psyche', the soul) shown in the 12 chakra system of healing chart above. There has to be a flow of energy through each chakra, without suppression or overemphasis on emotion, desire, the mind, or intuitive sensitivity. I often find that emotional sensitivity, also called Psychism, is just a shade away from Schizophrenia. And that while sugars feed the brain, alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, and psychotropic medication can pass the blood brain barrier and permanently alter brain chemistry.

But the Spiritual Chakras from the crown onward are where healing takes place, which is why I call it Spiritual Psychology. This is where knowledge exists, and protection from that psychic sensitivity, and inner peace.

The Physical Chakras from the ground up can't be ignored either. The physical/material health is an important component of well-being, as is exercise, as is an understanding of karma. There is the karma of self-identity, recognition of past lives, and other inherited factors from parents, culture, religion.

Angels, Demons, Djinn:

I believe those beings exist but we can think of them as archetypes that exist within ourselves, or energies. Certainly there are forces of good or evil which affect us all on this planet. We can also strengthen our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies to heal and balance ourselves.

The healing:

Sometimes it is a place, or people, or nation that need healing. Sometimes an individual. But as long as we are out of balance, the earth cannot get better, nor can our spirits, and everywhere we go we are haunted by spirits. Everywhere I go there is peace, but also, upheaval as we face up to our own resistance to healing.

I have already covered
Magick, And The Spiritual Alchemy Of The Soul 
so will not go further into the Occult for now, but that too is a part of what I do.
It is the spiritual work that is the more important.

I don't see any end to wars, environmental pollution, or the greed of the 1% until we heal our selves. There can be no political or social revolution without a spiritual revolution. And if you will not listen,

Let there be chaos.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester~The Heart Breaks

Another terror bombing
May 22, 2017: Another bombing, this time as thousands of people left an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena. 22 dead, 59 injured, mostly young teen women. The heart breaks.
Today isn't a day to discuss root causes, assign blame or pursue agendas, nor should it ever be on the back of tragedy.
I remember after 9/11, when an American friend asked "How did we ever get to this place?" and my heart broke then too, for my friends.
I remember instead the outpouring of love after 9/11, as millions marched to prevent war. As the great city of Manchester mobilized once again, with #RoomForManchester, taxis, hotels, first responders, then what I saw was great feelings of love, decency, strength. Manchester is indeed, a great city. I know, since I have so many friends there..
Ten years ago, I flew into Glasgow airport just after the terror bombing there. When I finally left the U.K. it was through Manchester airport. If there is a place I love as much I do Canada it would be the U.K.
I will not respond to hate, no matter the source or reason. The only response in these times is love. Only then can there be peace, and, seeing the future, I believe the world will then be a better place.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn, The Next Prime Minister

A minority government, but still
I wrote a while back: "We are slowly taking back the world, one country at a time. My country, Canada, first. With leaders and parties who will be held accountable": Brexit, What? and What's Up With The UK? plus many more on the UK, Scotland and Europe.

We already took back Canada in 2015. It is not perfect, but still, the best. (The U.S. is not ready yet, still has a long ways to go).
Next, the country I love just as much, the United Kingdom. Those who follow me know the deep ties and many friends I have there.
The U.K General Election set for Thursday, June 08, 2017 will be the one of the most significant elections in centuries. (Chart below).

I had this thought, and wrote on Twitter May 02, 2017 that Jeremy Corbyn would be the next prime minister.

Then later, I checked the astrology. Which is what I did when I said Trump, and then Macron, would win.

Jeremy Corbyn
Theresa May
A curious belief via Chinese Astrology: Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth )
"Every 12 years, people will encounter their Ben Ming Nian. In other words, when people are at the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and even 84, it can be an unlucky year...Impacted by this power, people will suffer either exultation or misery during that year."
Then I noticed Marine Le Pen was 48 years old, and Theresa May will be 60 at the time of their country's elections. (Both were born under the Chinese Lunar sign of the Monkey). Yes, there was celebration as they won the preliminary election and leadership respectively, but as I wrote previously, it would be Le Pen's high water mark. And Theresa May has never won a General Election before. No, I do not trust opinion polls commissioned by Britain's predatory media.

I confess, watching Jeremy Corbyn's rise to leadership of the Labour party I had my doubts but felt he would catch up by 2020, when the next election was scheduled to be held. Watching the adoring crowds he attracted, the hundreds of thousands of new Labour Party members, I was reminded of Bernie Sanders improbable campaign that came so close .. I also saw the dirty tricks played on both of them by their own parties and hysteria by the media they might actually win and damage the established order.

Then, the Scottish referendum, and Brexit. Wake up calls, and the U.K is in a better place than the U.S. to change things around.

But, the astrology. I set the election chart for Midnight London Time as that is the energy for the whole day. Neptune in Pisces 1st House square the Sun in Gemini 4th shows confusion, delusion on the part of some, but deep rooted soul searching. This is a battle for the soul of the country and what it wishes to be.

Saturn on the Galactic Center opposition 4th house Sun reinforces that, which is why I feel it is a sign of victory, after a hard struggle. For Jeremy Corbyn, belonging to the signs of Gemini and the Ox, which are significators of adaptability and perseverance. I'm beginning to understand his strategy too. Theresa May, being a Libra and the sign of the Monkey, may just be going through overconfidence in her own ability right now.

Spiritual Astrology:
The Ancients knew the planets didn't influence us, but were signs or symbols for the spiritual energies that exist inside people and nations, that would wax and wane at certain times along mathematically precise cycles. I sense these energies, whether they pertain to people, or, events.
Theresa May:
Natal Saturn/True Node in Scorpio square Pluto-Venus-Moon (?) in Leo makes May rigid, dogmatic, and unlikeable in public persona, unable to connect with people.
Mars in Pisces opposite Jupiter in Virgo means there will always be opposition to her policies. A successful political leader must either have the will to overcome that or, to adapt. Her weak chart shows she can do neither.
Jupiter, the planet of fortune was transiting her own sign of Libra during her rise to power. It will however be retrograding through this period which is reflected in her declining opinion polls. There is no major planet connecting to her on election day except Neptune opposing her natal Jupiter, which is a significator of delusion and the hubris that affected Hillary Clinton as well. She should not have called for this election, which gave Corbyn a sterling opportunity.
Jeremy Corbyn:
Corbyn's natal Mars/Moon (?) in Taurus square Pluto in Leo does make him rigid in his positions as well. However, when coupled with other factors in his chart it shows as a positive, not negative attraction to voters, that he will not compromise on principles. He will need to work with allies though. That is something he'll be forced to do.
His Sun, Venus and Mercury in Taurus trine Neptune shows how capable he is at reaching the public. He is loved.  
Transiting Sun will be transiting over his Sun-Venus-Mercury on election day. This, with the trine to Neptune, shows his popularity being at a peak. Mars transiting over his natal Uranus is a warning to watch out for accidents. But it can also be a sign of unexpected victory. T-Pluto in Capricorn trine his natal Mars in Taurus shows voters rallying behind him.
The Election Day Chart:
The 2016-2017 referendums and elections in Europe were expressions of the unstoppable desire in people for change. When faced with unpalatable alternatives, you will get a Trump or a Macron, as I am so tired of saying, I said beforehand.
Saturn will oppose the Sun, so yes, there will be a lot of hard work required. Voters will have to come out in droves, and not stay home. Young people: this is your future, or would you like the old to determine it for you? Saturn will also oppose Mars, so people will have to overcome lingering angers over Brexit and regional imbalances.
Jupiter in Libra trine Sun in Gemini shows joy, optimism. Definitely not significators of a Tory win. Saturn trine Uranus/Venus, the unexpected, and Uranus conjunct Venus, great feelings of love.
I expect Jeremy Corbyn to lead Labour to a victory in the polls. It may well be a minority government, given how the Labour establishment did its very best to sabotage him, thus damaging the party. The win will be a personal victory for him. Given Scottish Labour's ineffectiveness and poor showing in the opinion polls, I expect he will have to compromise with SNP. It is good he's campaigning in Tory heartlands and marginal seats which is an effective strategy.

Yes, he must figure out how to form effective alliances. Yes, he will have to realize that Brexit will not work, and find the best solution. If he renegotiated or cancelled art. 50 he would have more support than he realizes.

But, above all, I am hopeful for the British people. They are more united than they realize.

Edited to add, 15 June 2017: #DUP deal falling thru, Tories preparing for new GE It now appears that Theresa May has been unable to enter into a coalition with the DUP. Tories are being told to prepare for a fall election. I stand by what I wrote before, Jeremy Corbyn will be the next PM.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

What next for France? An Astrological analysis.

Likely that Macron will win
"I think Marine Le Pen also reached her high water mark in France yesterday. Probably Macron will win."
The polls show him with a comfortable majority, and I trust their polls more than I do American polls, ahem :)

There's a last minute attempt to leak files against Macron, probably from right wing sources, but since nothing's been verified, doubt it will affect the election tomorrow. That he's a banker's poodle and his wife may have had sex with him when he was an underage student of hers, is so French, may actually help.

I already wrote What's Up With France to show its deep karmic burden going back centuries. Under its degenerate president Sarkozy it invaded Libya along with Hillary Clinton and David Cameron. The suffering they created has now come back to haunt their respective countries, may they live in interesting times..

The two presidential candidates, Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, born 5 August 1968 and 21 December 1977, both have flaws. Macron is a globalist banker who'll push to make France's economy more in line with Germany but also will dismantle social safety nets. Le Pen is a nationalist but also an Islamophobe. If she'd stuck with populism instead of aligning with right-wing European political parties she'd have done better. Their time has come and gone.

But this is a quick astrological analysis, meant to show what might be, based on the individuals involved.  Not, who will win. That's a fool's game, and I prefer to look at the choices facing the country, not eventual outcomes here, in this instance.

Macron was born in the Chinese year of the snake, which is very creative and good with complex ideas but can't stick to one thing. If he loses tomorrow, he will disappear.

Le Pen was born in the year of the monkey, which makes her intelligent and clever. Even if she loses tomorrow, she'll be around for a long time.

The year of the rooster is good for both, but on the face of things I still think Macron will win. The Obama 'endorsement' didn't harm him.

Uranus transiting over Le Pen's Saturn in 7th house indicates she'll lose. Jupiter retrograding past her ascendant into 12th, that the planet of good luck, once ascendant, now is moving backwards into her house of restriction. Pluto opp. her Midheaven which is the public face of Le Pen is almost a guarantee the polls will turn against her.

Transiting Saturn over Macron's sun in the 11th indicates he will come into a position of great responsibility. He not only has powerful friends in banking (he was a Rothschild bank director) but his sun conjunct the Galactic Center in the 11th means he will move closer to Europe. This is the trend right now, to strengthen Europe, not move away from it. (I will continue this thought in my next article on #Brexit and what next for Great Britain).

I warned Trump in my previous articles to avoid war. In Macron's case, the warning is even more imminent; Uranus in 9th opp. Moon, square Mars in the 7th shows a warlike, combative personality, with er, foreign entanglements. He will also be in grave personal danger once he attains office so should be careful.

But really, transiting Sun also conjunct his Moon shows a new beginning for him tomorrow. I call Macron to win.

Marine Le Pen would have been a better president, IMO. It's a pity that nationalism and populism always deteriorates into attacks on the other which is now on the losing side. She must learn to become more adaptable and form allies, but she's a fixed sign Leo, which like with Trump's Leo Ascendant wants to win, not compromise.

Tomorrow, we shall see. I wish my French friends all the best.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hands Off Syria!

Furies pursue those who cause this
A warning, which again you can accept or disregard. When you allow atrocities to happen, no one is immune from the consequences. Even to the richest and powerful, you will pay. Sadly, even the innocent will suffer, till you change.
I don't write screeds or manifestos. These are warnings, based on the clear future I've been writing about for some time. Karma is inexorable for those who cannot change.
Recently, Syria was accused of bombing civilians with Sarin gas. Even though the State Dept. had confirmed Syria didn't possess any CW, and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh said Turkey had transferred Sarin to their head chopping allies.
Even though an MIT professor and a lawyer whose PhD is in neuropharmacology wrote assessments based on evidence so far,
The media still blamed Assad for "bombing his own people" and Donald J. Trump, who warned against foreign wars, shot off 59 cruise missiles at the Syrian government anyways. Assad, who likely will survive beyond  any of the US, UK, France, Saudi and Israeli leaders who wanted to take him down, was winning the war. Why would he weaken his own position by doing this?

Of course our leaders will argue their case for humanitarian intervention with passionate intensity. They have tried to topple any Arab leader who stood up to them, with disastrous consequences, each time. It's not like they're stupid, it's by design. If we're stupid enough to believe another WMD scare, more fool us.

This partial timeline provides evidence that the U.S. government and Obama in particular bear a significant responsibility for the Syrian war and the results of that war. Obama approved elements of CIA plans that go back over 65 years. The CIA meddling is distinct from the Pentagon’s failed plan to train “moderate rebels”, not covered in this timeline. 
1940s and 1950s “…if you want to understand the origins of authoritarian rule in Syria today, it is important to go back to the 1940s and the 1950s and see the role the CIA played in that land.” See also here, p. 122: “In the late 1940’s, U.S. policymakers grew alarmed when the Syrian government, bowing to public pressure, refused to let a U.S. oil company build a pipeline through its territory. Washington also found the strong anti-Western sentiment and the large Communist party in the country ominous. Concerned that Syria was ‘drifting leftward’, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) laid plans to overthrow its three-year old civilian government.” CIA operatives met with right-wing military leaders in Damascus to discuss installing a “military-supported dictatorship”.


America’s unsavory record of violent interventions in Syria—obscure to the American people yet well known to Syrians—sowed fertile ground for the violent Islamic Jihadism that now complicates any effective response by our government to address the challenge of ISIS. So long as the American public and policymakers are unaware of this past, further interventions are likely to only compound the crisis. Moreover, our enemies delight in our ignorance. 
As the New York Times reported in a Dec. 8, 2015 front page story, ISIS political leaders and strategic planners are working to provoke an American military intervention which, they know from experience, will flood their ranks with volunteer fighters, drown the voices of moderation and unify the Islamic world against America. 
To understand this dynamic, we need to look at history from the Syrians’ perspective and particularly the seeds of the current conflict. Long before our 2003 occupation of Iraq triggered the Sunni uprising that has now morphed into the Islamic State, the CIA had nurtured violent Jihadism as a Cold War weapon and freighted U.S./Syrian relationships with toxic baggage. 
During the 1950’s, President Eisenhower and the Dulles brothers rebuffed Soviet treaty proposals to leave the Middle East a cold war neutral zone and let Arabs rule Arabia. Instead, they mounted a clandestine war against Arab Nationalism—which CIA Director Allan Dulles equated with communism—particularly when Arab self-rule threatened oil concessions. They pumped secret American military aid to tyrants in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon favoring puppets with conservative Jihadist ideologies which they regarded as a reliable antidote to Soviet Marxism.  
At a White House meeting between the CIA’s Director of Plans, Frank Wisner, and Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, in September of 1957, Eisenhower advised the agency, “We should do everything possible to stress the ‘holy war’ aspect.”
So, once again, US, UK, France, Israel, Turkey, Saudis, UAE & Qatar Planned a Syria Coup and demanded Assad step down. They shipped arms raided from Libya to Jihadis in Syria, and Ambassador Stephens died in the fallout at Benghazi. I saw the waves of refugees pour out from Libya and Syria, and it is for this reason I said Obama's "legacy" would be this, and, "Hillary Clinton would never be the president of the U.S".

But that is just, political analysis. What I wrote from a spiritual perspective January 31, 2011, anticipating the changes to come in Europe, then America and the M.E:

The People Are Revolting

We are seeing the failure of globalization and interventionist colonial wars. The US has become irrelevant. Europe is struggling to overcome its own financial mismanagement. 
It is starting again, as it always has. The actions of a few, snowballing. Poland 1948, Hungary 1956, worldwide in 1968, and Egypt, 2011. The world is not coming to an end, it is a beginning. The next place where people will rise will be Europe, and then, America. 
This is the message:


We will not be governed by you.
 And now, a new message:

Furies Pursue You.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter, Every One!

Letting Go Of Self 
A quiet celebration with my family but what, exactly, is the point of Easter? Is it about belief or something more? Yes, there was an event once, with a mythical person or not (I believe, it happened) but the message is, as always in religion or spirituality, universal.

I took a series of pictures and this showed in my phone album. Looks very like an aura. From a previous blog The 12 Chakra System of Healing:

Pink, our purpose in life, sky blue and indigo, the mind, intuition, violet is spiritual journey going into black, karma, the void, nothingness.

On a deeper spiritual level, only when we let go of our selves, can we be free.

Ego, the yellow chakra, the soul, is the sum total of memories, both this and past lives. Yet karma is inexorable and we are bound to and by it. How do we free ourselves?

Rationalists might believe our greatest instinct is self-preservation. I disagree. Our greatest instinct is the yearning of the spirit to free ourselves from the burden of karma. This is the purpose of all forms of meditation, to let go. For peace.

The ego, holds on to things. How we define ourselves, past experiences and hurts, our environment, upbringing.

Sometimes, we need to let go.

Sometimes, the sacrifice of self serves a higher purpose.

We are in the midst of the darkest age of all. Trump, war, the killing of innocents. The knowing pollution of the earth and its waters that give us life. The destruction of relationships and the loss of faith and idols with feet of clay. Should we all say there's nothing we can do?

That is not an option. A bomb went off killing 126 Shiite villagers from al-Foua and Kefraya in Syria, including 60 children. A million Yemenis are facing starvation. Not just in the M.E,., but all over. Furies take over the world.

This is what we can do. Think beyond yourself. There is the meditation of contemplation, there also is the meditation of peaceful protest and action.

Yes, we get all bound up in causes. Yes, there often is a price to pay once you stick your head out. Do not be afraid, you aren't alone.
Your religion, your faith or lack of belief doesn't matter. Funny, I have met so many good people on both sides of the imaginary left-right divide, all caring about what is wrong about the world. About the environment, that war isn't a solution but symptom and cause of our ills. You just have to care.
The key to it is a spirituality that goes beyond yourself.
That, my friends, is the measure of Easter. Not that we sacrifice ourselves, though all love for them that do for their causes, their beliefs, their creativity, their families and to help the ills of the world.
But, that you balance the needs of self  with the needs of spirit, that you go beyond with acts of kindness and faith.
I wish you the peace and joy of Easter.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Brexit, What?

What, now?
EU Referendum Chart
The Union Comes Into Effect

We have had worldwide upheaval since the Pluto-Uranus squares of 2010-2012, compounded by attempts to bring everything into balance since the 2014 Saturn-Neptune squares. People dying from war, refugees streaming into Europe, marriages and unions in upheaval. Now, with the people of the UK having voted to leave the European Union, time to ask what next? This was what I was writing, then the US bombed Syria. To the subject at hand, but remember, your country tried to pass a Security Council Resolution against Syria today. Karma will out.
Sometimes, Seeing The Future Can Be a Terrible Thing but I would prefer to talk about possibilities, not certainties. Yes, I've written extensively about the future of Europe, about the U.K., but always from a spiritual and historical perspective, pointing out that people have the power to alter their destiny.  
This why I use astrology; to look at things from a slightly different perspective to try understand people, events, nations..
The horoscope of your birth shows your potential as a person, that of a nation its strengths and weaknesses, and future direction.
There are many National Horoscopes of the U.K. and Great Britain so it's a question to decide which is the right one to use as a starting point. Some astrologers use the 1801 Acts but in my opinion that changed when most of Ireland withdrew from the Union.
Since the Scottish parliament has just issued its intention to request a referendum to secede from the Union it made sense to use the 1707 Acts of Union as the base line to see what next for the people of Great Britain? May 01, 1707 0:00 hrs. was when the two kingdoms became one. I also use the 0:00 time for the EU referendum chart. When you don't have an exact time for an event the energy at the beginning of the day still tells a picture.
I used similar methods to make my analyses of the Trump win and his presidency, and the many articles about the future of America.
God Bless Scotland I wrote when the Scottish People voted to remain in the Union in 2014. "But watch out for shocks ahead".
What's Up With The U.K.? after the 2015 floods. "Wake up calls", but also, "We are slowly taking back the world, one country at a time. My country, Canada, first. With leaders and parties who will be held accountable".
After Brexit, What? written immediately after the referendum. I thought it was a mistake, and said so.
I also wrote "The British people have spoken. .. yes, voters have made their choice clear and I respect that. I  also believe their vote, made perhaps out of fear and anger, was the right one. The Leave politicians, forget their xenophobic fear mongering, lied to them about the economic consequences of that decision, so yes, unfortunately, I expect serious fall out.
  1. As the pound continues to fall the Bank of England may raise interest rates, causing hardship to working families.
  2. Imports will cost more. And since the price of oil is set in dollars, gas and heating costs will rise.
  3. The European market will be closed to British goods and capital flight will cause many European companies to move out. Americans will come in and buy your assets on the cheap.
  4. Young people will no longer be able to work or study in Europe. Unemployment will rise. Your properties there and in the UK will lose value, your trips abroad more expensive.
  5. You still have to pay EU fees and an exit fine. No 'savings' to save the NHS, that and the social safety net will be dismantled under the process begun under the Tories and New Labour.
Why, then, do I believe it's the right choice?

I'm a spiritual person. I believe there are consequences to actions. Half a lifetime warning people and nations exactly what karma means and how, it's a law more inexorable than gravity :) so there you go.

If you look at my dozens of posts on Europe and the U.K. on this blog you'll see. (Yes, many of their policies seem bad, but you really were and would have been better off with Europe. Only the America worshippers see otherwise, till you sign away your patrimony).

This is what war, invasions of other countries, and unfettered greed does to you, and if you don't like the consequences, sorry....
And now, the U.S. Maybe you, too, need to learn the hard way. Perhaps it needs to get worse before you get shaken out your lethargy, in which case it's a good thing.

Whither Goest Thou, America? And if you can't decide, then maybe, you need a President Trump though honestly, President Hillary will be worse."
And this is me, unfiltered: Don't expect a better union or trade deal with the U.S. It will be an unmitigated disaster. They're already aflame and will drag you down. The best deal was with Europe.
Now, to the astrology. The EU referendum chart Grand Cross creates immense stress; Saturn, the planet of karma in Sagittarius the sign of seeking freedom in the 11th house of friends and associations square Neptune in Pisces (illusion) and Chiron (wounded healer) in the second house of finances and emotional resources opposite Jupiter/Moon's Node in Virgo (critical analysis tinged by emotion) in the 8th house of joint finances and inheritance, shows this was a decision made on hopeful delusion and optimism Brexit would make things better. It won't.
This squares Mercury (communication) in the 5th house of creativity but also, gambling, taking a chance. Since this is a negative, not positive aspect, it shows the lies of the media, failures of communication, that led to this decision. And since the 5th is the house of children, you are literally poisoning the future of your children and  subsequent generations.
Pluto on the ascendant shows the underlying, unresolved divisions in the UK made this referendum result inevitable.
Transiting Pluto in the 1st house of self expression and individuality squaring Uranus in the 4th house of foundations show further upheaval, as the shambles of Brexit negotiation shows. Uranus squaring Sun and Venus in the 6th house of health and employment since 2010 show why your declining figures there caused deep dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. Perhaps you should have blamed the Tory government and not, Europe or immigrants?
Now to your birth chart, when two Nations became one.
Chiron in the 1st house  shows the deep wound that this Union created and still carries. Culloden, the Highland Clearances. But Venus in the second shows your joint creativity made you the richest country in the world, and three planets in the 3rd trine Jupiter in the 7th shows your union was beneficial.
Transiting Saturn in your 12th house of restriction shows the problems ahead. Pluto in your 1st House of self-expression makes you er, obstinate but also, self-destructive. Squaring transiting Uranus in your third house of communication means others find you er, difficult to communicate with (and your negotiations with Europe will, sadly, fall apart).
I don't have to remind you can always cancel Brexit. That's your decision.
But if England leaves Europe, then Scotland must end this union, for its own good.
On the other hand, I believe that now, more than ever, we should work on all our unions, personal and external. Your marriages, your alliances. It no longer is a hegemonic world, nor can we be isolated islands. Russia and China, with far more sane leaders than the US, UK, and France axis, are building infrastructure into Europe and buying up sources of raw materials all over the world. Your children's future belongs to Europe once you take the blinkers off. Decent jobs and education, health care, or, they can be unemployed or work at McDonald's, your choice.
I have long and deep ties with the U.K. going back many lifetimes. I have great friends there and known how good hearted they are and yes, I am concerned for their future.
Perhaps, it will be a Great Britain once more.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Psychology Of A "Troll".

I'm one too, apparently.
In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion, often for the troll's amusement.
In today's environment, that means anyone who disagrees with your opinion :)


Or, you're a "Hater Troll": OK then.
Mainstream Media dislikes alternative media so writes about "trolls". Twitter obliges by restricting users, which did wonders for its share price. That happened on Huffington Post too. Intelligent comment went to other platforms.
It goes without saying bullying exists on social media. That should be controlled through moderation and the 'report' button. There ARE rules and laws. But in a free society one should be also be careful about limiting debate.
Internet gadfly Milos Yiannopoulos was free to make Islamophobic comments and misrepresent liberal views on Twitter, because, free speech. He got banned because he made fun of a lesbian actress and seemingly defended pedophiles. I guess there are boundaries?
This was brought up in a recent Washington Post article:

How researchers tried to understand one of Twitter’s oldest trolling groups
Abby Olheiser
March 2, 2017
Three-year-old Madeline McCann disappeared from a resort apartment in Portugal in 2007 while on a family vacation. Her British parents were dining nearby. The McCann disappearance, which has never been resolved, became a major British tabloid story. The daily media frenzy has since faded, but a decade later, a tight-knit group of Twitter trolls who are convinced that they have proven the McCann parents’ guilt in their daughter’s disappearance still discuss the case online every single day.

What you’ll see: a steady stream of chatter from a tight-knit community with a common goal. In a new paper on the #McCann group, Online trolling: The case of Madeleine McCann  (Dr.) Synnott and his co-authors tried to shed some light on how this devoted, online trolling community works.

  •  Case study analysis of Anti-McCann internet Trolling Group.
  • The role of language, group identity and in group cohesion is examined.
  • Language is central to Anti-McCann group in the construction of identity.
  • Several strategies were employed by Anti-McCanns to provoke outsiders.
  • Support for previous research linking trolling to western media culture and ASPD.

This report, also carried in Nature, received widespread media coverage. The lead psychologist Dr. Synnott said he'd also be studying "the pro-McCann group". Ahem, one side is a "trolling group", the other side just has a point of view?

I was intrigued because I'd been involved in a similar group for many years, who discussed the murder of Meredith Kercher. It actually started at the same time as the McCann group and yes, there are similarities between the cases. No, we don't discuss the case "every single day" but we did get fairly involved at the time. Not just on Twitter either, but other social media.

Yes, I'm a volunteer editor on the Meredith Kercher research website but also commented, met with and observed people in the McCann group as well as our own. I was surprised to read the psychologists conclusions. We have Anti-Social Personality Disorder?


I read the study and my response was published by the Washington Post:


"This study is a violation of the British (BPS) and American (APA) psychologist association's code of ethics.


Saul McLeod published 2007, updated 2015

- The purpose of these codes of conduct is to protect research participants, the reputation of psychology and psychologists themselves."

- Moral issues rarely yield a simple, unambiguous, right or wrong answer. It is therefore often a matter of judgement whether the research is justified or not. For example, it might be that a study causes psychological or physical discomfort to participants, maybe they suffer pain or perhaps even come to serious harm.

- Informed Consent
Whenever possible investigators should obtain the consent of participants.

- Debrief
After the research is over the participant should be able to discuss the procedure and the findings with the psychologist.

- Protection of Participants
Researchers must ensure that those taking part in research will not be caused distress. They must be protected from physical and mental harm. This means you must not embarrass, frighten, offend or harm participants.

- Deception
This is where participants are misled or wrongly informed about the aims of the research. Types of deception include (i) deliberate misleading, e.g. using confederates, staged manipulations in field settings, deceptive instructions; (ii) deception by omission, e.g., failure to disclose full information about the study, or creating ambiguity.

- Note:
The post grad researcher set up a Twitter account, did not reveal their identity or purpose of the study, reveal their findings to those who responded, and simply deleted their account afterwards.

- The title "Online trolling: The case of Madeleine McCann" is unprofessional and inflammatory.

- "Case study analysis of Anti-McCann internet Trolling Group" characterizes a whole group of people as socially maladjusted and opens them to ridicule.

- Disclosure: I'm an editor at The Murder Of Meredith Kercher." ~ Naseer Ahmad

The psychologists hid their tweets so their data couldn't be verified but actively tried to locate individuals who wished to remain private. They deliberately provoked by quoting a bad 'scientific' report to get the response they wanted, and used other underhanded methods to prove their thesis. I was able to obtain copies of their work which shocked me.

Psychologists already have a bad reputation for writing papers supporting torture (enhanced interrogation), posing for the media, and attaching unfounded opinions about the psychology of celebrities, or even, Donald Trump. You simply can not use your credentials to diagnose a pathology without examining the individual. Diagnosis by tweet is bad enough, but their assessment didn't even match up with the people I came to know.

It turned out that in both cases, those who supported the Italian and Portuguese justice system (and disagreed with US and UK media PR led efforts on behalf of Amanda Knox and the McCanns) immediately were labelled 'trolls' and a number of journalists and psychologists rushed in with those assessments, without even learning the facts of the case. John Jay college psychology professor Saul Kassin still repeats the lie that Amanda Knox was interrogated for 50 hours over 4 days, even though he was told it was incorrect.

The Knox and McCann families hired PR firms who used social media to out anonymous people who commented on the case, and the media leaped in, leading to tragedy.

Brenda Leyland:

She was an English woman who made thousands of tweets discussing the case, none of which were abusive. (I know, I saw them). Complaints were made but the police found nothing wrong with them. Gerry McCann called "for an example to be made" so Brenda Leyland was confronted at her home by Rupert Murdoch's Sky News reporter Martin Brunt and her picture published on the front page of UK newspapers as "The Face Of A Troll". Hounded by the media, this vulnerable woman committed suicide.

When confronted, the reporter Martin Brunt I wouldn't say who gave him the report filed with the police, then, "A group of 'concerned' internet users". (The McCann group of not trolls).

Challenged again who gave him her address, replied Martin Brunt II "Nobody. I found it from public information sources". OK.

Karma is inexorable. The Portuguese Supreme Court ruled that police detective Goncalo Amaral was free to publish his book containing his opinion Madeleine McCann hadn't been abducted but died in her holiday apartment and the parents were guilty of neglect. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were found guilty of lying in their alibis and even that they were present during the murder, but acquitted anyway since the case against them 'couldn't be proven'. Strange, that, but neither they nor the McCanns were exonerated.

Thanks to the dedicated volunteers at the Meredith Kercher and Madeleine McCann sites, the truth will always be out there, no matter what the media says.

On Motivation:

Nothing motivates people more than the quest for justice. Be it the crimes of states, corporations or individuals, people do care about getting to the truth.

Social media is a great leveller. People know the media and their political leaders will never hear their voice, and, lie with impunity. But in a medium where people can express themselves, that, is the greatest experiment in democracy. No wonder the media, PR fronts, and the elite hate and try to subvert it.

The actions of many people coming together, for  social, political, spiritual causes, instigates change.

Helping others, is the highest expression. 

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Past Is Another Country

And you can never really go back
I've been thinking about Pakistan lately. A reflection about roots. Because I want to write a novel? Or is it just nostalgia?
Woke up this morning with a title "The Past Is Another Country" and "And you can never really go back" then worried where I'd seen it before. Writers don't plagiarize :)
An on line search; it comes from a book, except I never read it:
"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there", The Go-Between Lesley Poles Hartley, 1953.
Then ah, I see it comes from the 1971 Joseph Losey movie adaption of the novel, with Julie Christie and Alan Bates. No wonder I remembered it, with visual evocations of revisiting the past.

I think of Pakistan, and the memories of childhood. Yes, I travelled widely and each country I've been to evoked memories of past lives. Yes, I love Japan, and the U.K. the U.S. and especially my home, Canada, for memories of friends and events, natural beauty and wonderful history.

But there will always be a special place in your heart for the place where you were born, and here it is Pakistan.

This is about identity, and how I want my children to learn theirs.

There is history, culture, religion even if you think of yourself as an outsider sometimes. You can still love it and want to take your children back there to visit.

This is about the uprootedness of the Pakistani diaspora and how no matter how much we settle elsewhere, a part of us always looks back to remember 'home'.

Yes, we are defined by our history, and ours is one that goes back 5000 years.

The Indus valley civilization, Mohenjo-Daro existed at the same time as the Mesopotamian, Minoan Crete, Egyptian and Peru's Norte Chico civilizations.They were a peaceful, pastoral people and that is who we are also, regardless the number of invaders who went through our lands and yet we absorbed them all. That is why Sunni Islam is tempered by a very strong Sufi traditions which no manner of fundamentalism can ever break.

We are defined by geography, from the plains of the Punjab, mountains of "Afghania", Valleys of Kashmir, rivers of "Sindia", deserts and hillsides of Balochistan. Therefore, Pakistan is a not just a culture of many peoples, but place.

With all respect, we are not like Indians. They have a different geography of place and mind.

I had thought how much I'd love to take my family there. My children need to see who they are as well as their other side. But the past is another country, and maybe one can't go back.

Maybe, you can't go back. Except through your remembered past, with a book.